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About us

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Welcome to Sollbauer!


My name is David Sollbauer and since I was a teenager I have dreamed of my life in the world of cannabis.

For years I have been studying, producing and selling cannabis-based products with the most varied cultivation techniques.

I began my experience in Spain in 2014 and returned to Italy in 2018: the goal has always been to raise awareness of this plant with 1000 uses and make it accessible to everyone.

I would like to offer my customers the best possible experience in purchasing legal cannabis in order to offer safe and convenient access to my range of products that I curate with the utmost commitment.

I am very dedicated to educating and informing my clients on the proper use of medical cannabis and its incredible benefits.




Superior quality.

Our products are grown with 100% natural techniques, with the use of organic products and with only spring water! I take care of all the flowers as if I had to consume my products myself.


Exceptional Customer Support.

I personally take care of customer assistance, listening to your problems and guiding you towards choosing the most suitable product for you and your needs.

I have decades of experience in the field of cannabis and I will be able to explain to you how to best take it.


Respect and transparency.

I am committed to operating in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to being transparent about my business practices and the provenance of my products.


We value the benefits

I am excited to be part of the community that values the benefits of legal cannabis and am committed to providing service that exceeds my customers' expectations.

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