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CBD is a natural cannabinoid free from side effects of plant origin which has the main effects of being anti-inflammatory and nerve relaxing which acts across the entire peripheral nervous system. Cannabidiol oil (cannabis oil), also known as “CBD oil”, is extracted from cannabis flowers, however, it should not be confused with hemp oil which is instead extracted from seeds. It is a natural remedy for different types of pathologies that does not put strain on our body in managing a foreign substance; this happens because mammals have an internal system called: endocannabinoid which naturally produces the cannabinoids necessary for the natural functioning of our organism, in fact, anyone regardless of age, whether children or elderly, social background, sex or culture has a quantity of cannabinoids already circulating in your body; consequently when CBD is taken in all its forms, the body uses it immediately if it deems it appropriate, otherwise it stores it in body fats for when it deems appropriate to withdraw it, in this way the liver and kidneys are not affected by the substance.

Medicine uses it to promote relaxation, relieve pain, speed up physical recovery, treat skin problems, combat anxiety, stress, etc. Generally speaking, all those pathologies that include the peripheral nervous system or that create inflammation in any area of ​​the body. The most common uses are for the treatment of the following pathologies: insomnia arthrosis and arthritis anxiety and panic stress Parkinson's disease menstrual cramps joint pain like cervical, lower lumbar, knees etc alleviates the problems of Crohn's disease reduction of states of anger reduction of resulting pain from intense physical efforts (lactic acid) alleviates side effects of chemo and radiotherapy by promoting appetite, reducing pain and lowering blood pressure inflammation treatment and reduction of light skin lesions such as small burns, acne or abrasions it can also be used for our pets (mammals) for the same problems it can promote detoxification from opiates, barbiturates and psychotropic drugs balances mood by favoring a path towards antidepressant or post-traumatic stress therapies




METHOD OF USE OF MEDICINAL OILS The intake is carried out sublingually by the salivary glands, so once you have put the oil in your mouth it is advisable not to swallow for at least 30 seconds while keeping the oil under your tongue. It is not advisable to drink fatty or alcoholic drinks for 15 minutes after taking them as they would reduce the effect of the active ingredient. Generally recommended use for chronic intake for all pathologies: take 1/3 (one third) of the dosage 3 times a day at intervals as regular as possible; Recommended use for as-needed intake (e.g. insomnia, lactic acid): take 1/2 (half) of the dosage twice, at least an hour apart; Recommended use for sporadic intake (e.g. anxiety or panic attack): take a full pipette no more than 2 times a day (exceeding means wasting the product). WARNINGS -Taking more than the daily dosage in a single dosage is useless as the body has a limited capacity for assimilation; -Dosages and data are calculated on the average assimilation of the human body based on weight; -Every 12 months of use it is advisable to suspend intake for 30 days so as not to develop tolerance to the active ingredient; -Since it is a nerve relaxant, avoid taking the oil if you are on a day when you have the risk of fainting: by causing body relaxation it is better to avoid taking this active ingredient for example on days of scorching heat.


The recommended daily dosage depends on body weight: 


0.1 ml per 10kg of weight per day 


Example: weight 60kg = 0.6ml/day 

weight 90kg = 0.9ml/day

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